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Malki called me back right away to schedule the appointment to get into our home in Laurel, MD which was being prepared to list as a rental. When I arrived at our home Malki was already there. After he tried the key for the lock in a door knob that had been very recently installed he went back to his truck to obtain a tool. He then explained to me that there was nothing wrong with the key or the lock and that he believed it to be just stuck. Sure enough, after he applied a bit of pressure to the door ...Voila! it opened right up. It turned out that the contractor who had done the painting closed the door after painting it w/o allowing time for it to dry. The wet paint then bonded to the weather stripping which prevented the door from being opened. I was so relieved! Malki didn't charge me anything additional because he said that he didn't do anything. And while that may be true. I just know that some contractors probably would have tried to create a category just to be able to charge something other than the diagnostic fee on Angie's list. I really appreciate Malki's (Mike's) honesty and integrity. Thanks!

Ellen Berhane   

We were having trouble with our front door lock and the handle came off. Mike was very responsive and we were able to make a same day appt in the early evening. Mike arrived on time and was able to repair the door handle without charge. Mike advised us to call the door company directly related to the problems with our lock. However, replacing the door handle seems to have addressed the issue. | |Mike was knowledgeable, helpful and did not charge us for the work he did.

Sara Black   

I purchased the $29 locksmith call. I contact the locksmith for same day service. Initially, I was informed that the locksmith would be by between 4:30-5PM. However, to my surprise I received a follow-up call with a revised arrival time of same day between 12:15 to 12:30pm.... The locksmith worked with two locks to repair my lock back to working order.......
The gentleman was even gracious and friendly enough to bring a large box, delivered by UPS into my home for me.

Donna R. Williams   

Mike did a great job. He arrived on time (early, actually!), worked quickly, and even made some suggestions to save me some money. His price was already lower than another locksmith I had gotten a quote from. Would definitely use Mike's Locksmith again.

Amanda Bernhardt   

I recently bought a large house that was built in 1918. The old owners had different key sets for the different doors (i.e - the key to the front door didn't open the door to the basement). We wanted to consolidate everything so that we could open all of our doors with the same key. Mike replaced 9 locks (with mul-t-lock cylinders), and added a keyless entry system.
Member Comments:
Mike was always on-time and he maintained a positive attitude throughout the process. This particular job was difficult, because the doors in our house were old. He had to come to our house a few times to complete the job, but he never asked for additional payment.

Justin White   

Mike RULES!! I locked myself out of my house because I am an idiot. I walked half a block to the police station and asked them if they would be so kind as to call a locksmith. They were. The first name on the list was a bunch of guys who run an internet scam called locksmithpayless. The police told me to call them so I called them. The guy came out (within 20 minutes) and took one look and told me that there was no way this could have happened unless the deadbolt had been thrown from the inside, and therefore he would have to drill the lock, and the house must therefore be haunted since there was no one inside to actually turn the deadbolt. The house may be haunted, in fact I feel a chill right now. The dog may be a mechanical genius capable of throwing a lock, or-- THAT GUY WAS LYING!!!! So, know this: the guys from locksmithpayless lie about what you need to fix your lock. They may charge you less to do things that you don't need done in the first place, but they don't tell you the truth. So I called Mike. Mike Is local. When I asked him if he had on office in Rockville he said yes, rattled off the address, and them told me the ONLY other two locksmiths that are actually in town, as opposed to on the internet, and told me their phone numbers. HE examined the problem. He checked the other locks in the house. He asked me if I had a stepladder!! I almost cried when he asked if I had a stepladder. HE decide we could Jimmy the lock, which we did. It wasn't pretty. Some minor trim damage. Nothing permanent. The house will forgive me. If you want someone IN ROCKVILLE who will actually listen to your problem and (if it involves locks) FIX it. CALL MIKE!!


Replaced a total of seven locks in four doors (including four deadbolts) and keyed to single key.
Member Comments:
We recently moved into our house and the previous owner had rekeyed the locks for the new buyer and they were crap (less than a month after moving in the front door deadbolt wouldn't accept any of the keys). I selected Mike's based on his positive Angie's list recommendations and wasn't disappointed. Called on a Friday morning and he came on Sunday (I work full time so I appreciate that he has extended/weekend hours). He didn't have exactly what we wanted on his truck so he made a trip to the shop to get it. Everything was finished in under two hours. Very pleasant and professional. We will probably upgrade one or more of the doors in the future, and he said he could return to remove and reinstall the locks when we do that. His fees may be a bit higher than others, but I view these locks as an investment - what's that saying about getting what you pay for?

Ann Kolakowski   

I had a lock that you could almost refer to as antique and he was willing to fix it and he did just that.
Member Comments:
He was super, just absolutely great, and recognized the problem right away. He had to come back because I had ordered the wrong parts. When he came back he got to the job right away. He does not charge you twice if he has to come back. He is reasonable, punctual, and keeps his word. He works with your schedule and makes things less stressful in times of distress. I would definitely recommend him to anyone and if need be will absolutely use his services in the future.


It's the worse feeling to have when you suddenly slam the door shut to your house, and realize you've locked yourself out. To make matters worse, it's raining, cold, and your car keys are inside as well. This is what happened to be, AGAIN, twice now in the last five years. After walking a quarter mile to catch the bus to work, I decided to logo-on to my Angie's List account and search for a reputable Locksmith near my home. Mike's had the highest score of all locksmiths within a 5 mile radius so I figured I'd give him a try. His response to my online request for an appointment at the end of the work day was instant. On my way home from work I got a call from Mike saying he'd be at my house in around 15 minutes, which was great. That didn't leave me standing in the rain again, once I arrived at my house. When he pulled up and surveyed the front entry door, he asked if I had used the deadbolt or just the handset lock. I told him only the handset lock was used, so he explained the two procedures he would try, and the cost of his service. On the first attempt the door popped open without a hitch. I was amazed at how fast he could enter the door. Mike even suggested improvements to the locks used to prevent a future lockout. He will be recommended by me for excellent service to anyone who ask.

Stacy Wood   

I had Mike's Locksmith come over last week to install a keyless entry on my front door -- something I had been wanting to do for a very long time and had done some research on, but was having a difficult time understanding exactly how it would work with my present lock/handle. After making some inquires and getting very vague and unsatisfactory answers over the phone ("Can't really give you a ballpark estimate, would have to see your door first to know what kind of electrical will be needed." Huh? Electrical? Excuse me, but I'm looking for battery operated...), I finally call Mike's Locksmith and he was able to tell me how much the lock was, how much his labor was, etc.. Combining that with all the other wonderful reviews he had here on Yelp, choosing Mike was a no-brainer. Mike was prompt, efficient and extremely knowledgeable, not to mention a very personable fellow. He also went the extra mile and fixed my front door so that I don't have to do the "pushmi-pullyu" on it like I've had to do for years to get it to shut properly -- it shuts like a real door now (thanks again, Mike!). After he arrived, I decided that I wanted my others doors to also have locks that would open with the same key as the front and Mike helped me with that, too. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Mike's Locksmith! I know that his number will be the one that I call if I need to have something done to my locks in the future.

Susan B.   
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